Rules for renting a Capsule Storage Unit

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Rules for Renting a CAPSULE Portable Storage Unit

  • We require individuals to use autopay, a credit card or debit card is required.
  • CAPSULE does not prorate. Rent is monthly and begins on the day of delivery.
  • Scheduling is per availability; we do not reserve a specific time window.
  • DFW CAPSULE does not provide long-distance moves. Check our service area or ask.
  • Don't fill the container with more than 6,000 lbs. of contents (or $4,500 worth).
  • CAPSULE isn't responsible for the contents. Check with your homeowners/renters' insurance, a 3rd party insurance available upon request.
  • CAPSULEs must go ON your property (not the street). Capsule is not responsible for local laws or ordinances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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