CAPSULE Moving & Portable Storage Containers How Much Does It Cost to Use a Storage Container?

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What are portable storage and moving containers?

Portable Storage or Moving containers are not shipping or conex containers. Portable storage is normally smaller and intended to be used for relocation or onsite storage in residential situations for remodeling or restoration needs.

The value portable storage is boundless, but primarily saves and labor, time, and provides flexibility with delays or changes in schedule.

Whereas the shipping containers are larger, and typically only used for onsite storage in heavy industrial situations or actual ocean freight. If you’re curious about what our Capsules look like, we’ve added some pictures below, or you can check us out on Instagram or Facebook.

Capsule 8 x16 Portable storage and moving containers used for Residential relocation or onsite uses.
Capsule 8 x16 portable storage and moving containers used for residential relocation or onsite uses.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Storage Container?

The two biggest costs associated with renting a container is the monthly rent, and the transport fees. Rental rates in the DFW area range from $189 – $310 a month. The second primary cost are the transport fees, which are relative to where you’re at, where you’re moving, and what type of storage. They can range from $65-250+ per local DFW move.  

Capsules Pricing model:

Capsules are all 8x16ft in size. We charge a flat rental rate whether you keep it on site, or we bring it back and store it for you. Our transport costs are a flat rate dependent where you are and are charged each time we move the Capsule, including initial delivery, and pickup empty. We either provide service to your area, or not, there is no hidden mileage fees, or extra admin fees. We only service the DFW area and do not prorate. You can find out if we service your area and get a free instant online quote and visit our FAQ page linked below:

CASULE Pricing summary

  • All CAPSULES are 8×16
  • Flat rental rate
  • No term contract (month to month until you move out)
  • Flat transport fees (no mileage)
Capsule Container rental is simple and easy

How do other companies charge rental and transport rates for Portable moving and storage containers?

Several factors play into the rental rate, and some providers vary greatly. First factor depends on where the container will be stored. Will it be on-site at your location, or will it need to be stored off site at some point? Most companies charge an additional rental rate if they must store it for you. Many times, this rate can start at the very beginning of the rental, or just during its time stored off site for you.

Second, some companies base the rental rate on how long you “think” you’ll need the container.

Ask yourself:

 If you do not stay in the capsule the full length of your contract, is there a penalty? Does the rate get higher after the term does it goes month to month?

IF you keep the container on site for 3 months, have them store it for 1 week, are you paying 3 months of extra rental fees, or just that one extra week?

Transport fees vary greatly from company to company. Below are some common pricing models and pitfalls.

A company advertising “FREE TRANSPORT” typically limits this to a small area near their location. They will have mileage rates after that radius, but will not quote it. This comes as a shock to some when they get charged for it after delivery. Another side effect of “Free Transport”, is a very high rental rate. If you’re only keeping it one month, that may seem fine. However, not everything stays on schedule when moving or building. If you had to have it a second month, you’re stuck with a very high recurring rate.

Others may have some free transport into storage, or no pickup empty fee. These all come into play dependent if they are charging extra in rent, and for how long.

The types of deliveries can fall into one of 5 categories:

  • Initial Deliver empty
  • Final Pick up Empty
  • Move house to house (Curb to Curb)
  • Return full into storage
  • Deliver full out of storage

Other fees some companies charge

  • Administration fee
  • Credit card fee
  • Required container insurance
  • Setting it on grass fee
  • Extended rental if they can’t get it by anniversary

Promotions and discounts

Many companies run promotions and discounts, Capsule does not run any promotions or discounts. Instead, we focus on giving back directly to our community, focusing on children in our immediate community. You can read more about how we give back and are involved in the community HERE.

Capsule’s Mission

Capsule’s mission explicitly states our goals of simplicity and transparency.  These values echo through every part of our business from pricing, product, communication, and more.  

Part of the Capsule Mission is to be a simplistic and transparent as possible with current and future customers.