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Moving tips and checklist, a short but useful exercise.

Moving is stressful, don’t make it worse by doing it last minute and on the fly. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead.  However, plan for the plans to change, 80% of the time, moving schedules change.

“Planning is the most important thing you can do, but plans are useless” – Gen. George C. Marshall

Grab a notepad and a pen. You’ll need to physically create your own checklist because everyone’s move, and lives are different. Physically writing it down helps you focus and remember things you need. You can later put that list on a digital to-do list.

Moving Checklist: A Breakdown

Sort: You need to start sorting things out. They typically fall into the following FOUR categories.

  • Essentials
  • Nonessentials
  • Donate / Trash
  • Personal documents

You’ll want your essentials set aside, as they are the last to get packed, or not packed at all and kept on you personally during home transition.

Non-essentials are the things you can live a good amount of time without.

Purge the stuff you really don’t use and or will never use. Consider donating it to a local nonprofit before putting it on the curb if it’s in good shape.

Personal documents are often forgotten, especially when people don’t plan on things falling through or changing. You may need documents at closing you didn’t think you did. Enrolling kids at school may be difficult if their paperwork is put in storage.

Research movers and moving services

Figure out what you need or what combination of services will fit your needs best. Some people use a Capsule for 100% or their moving needs and pack themselves. Many others use it to supplement their move as a combination of services. Taking their time to pack nonessentials away and using full-service labor movers the day of. This also helps staging your home.  

Not all movers are created equal. Reviews and referrals from friends are the most utilized resources. Unfortunately, many scams involve moving services. Some ways to verify this is a physical location, and online history, & reviews.

Get your Quotes on services and get them scheduled out, do not wait until the day before.

Get moving supplies. Boxes, tape, packing paper, and markers for labeling will help in numerous ways. First, you know what’s in a box without ripping into it during unpacking. Also when your loading a Capsule, geometric shapes like boxes, and various size of packages help compact at better utilize the space inside the container.  

Random Moving Checklist everyone forgets

  • Boxes, packing paper, tape, and markers
  • Dolly’s, rope, straps, and blankets.
  • Change of address notice at USPS HERE  
  • Notify Bank, Employer, Credit Cards, Mailing services
  • Defrost Freezer a few days out
  • Plan to eat all your perishable food or trash it.
  • Service your personal vehicles

Aforementioned, Make your own list. Hopefully this one helped too. Major takeaways, do net procrastinate, and the better organized, the more smoothly it goes. Utilizing a Capsule container can help.

Is a CAPSULE a good fit?

  1. Call or contact us here locally in DFW if you have any questions or what to find out.
  2. Read our blog about whether or not a Capsule is a good fit HERE
  3. Read our FAQ page HERE
Moving Tips and Checklist. Plan!