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Capsules can be used for more than just relocation purposes. Many customers use Capsule portable storage for restorations and remodeling needs. We will cover why they work so well for this purpose and try to answer any questions concerning their use for onsite storage.


Benefits of portable storage for restoration and remodeling

Out of the way but still accessible

You don’t have to be working around your belongings or moving them from room to room as the work progresses or tries to progress. Homeowners don’t have to worry about a couch getting dusty or their clothes covered in building materials.

Easy Loading and Unloading

You’re loading at ground level and not up into a truck. The door of the Capsule is 5” off the ground, and a truck door is 36” (average) off the ground. You’re also not in a rush due to time constraints, the Capsule is delivered, and you pay by the month, not the day.  

It reduces labor by over 75%. Instead of loading a truck, driving it, unloading it, and doing it all again in reverse… you pack and unpack one time.

Capsules are secure and weatherproof

Capsules are built for Texas, they have steel roofs instead of plastic. The doors are swing style doors making them easy to open, but more secure to lock than roll up doors. The floors are made out of 3/4“ marine grade plywood and steel. To date, we have not had any issues with heat, cold, or rain.

Capsules are Flexible with Changes

Project runs over schedule? No problem, the Capsule is yours, as long as you keep up with monthly rental.

HOA says it’s been there too long? No problem, we can bring it back to our place and store it for you. Your rent does not increase, but you do pay transport fees in and back out.

Commercial or residential uses

Capsules can cover big or small jobs. Many individual residential customers only need one, sometimes two capsules. However, we do plenty of work with large scale restoration projects. Our Capsules fit perfectly in Parking spaces, and help pack out companies, speed up jobs, and reduce labor. We even helped the Texas Rangers move to their new stadium in 2020, Helped countless restorations projects during the big 2021 freeze, and flooded apartments in 2022.

Capsules moving Texas Rangers

Questions about portable storage for restorations and remodeling

How long can I keep my Capsule?

Capsule does not care how long you keep your capsule as long as you keep paying rent. However, some cities and HOAs have rules about how long they can stay. Knowing their local rules and regulations is the customers responsibility. However, we can store the Capsule for you if you need us to and bring it back when you’re ready to unload.

Where can I place the Capsule?

Capsule does not allow placement on streets, curbs, or public right of ways. It must physically go on your property. We will place them on grass or gravel if you want, if its does not look like it’s a low-lying area. Customers take responsibility for City and HOA rules regarding placements.

How much room do I need to deliver a Capsule?

All Capsules are 8×16 ft in size. We ask for 9 Foot tall and 9 ft wide opening for placement. Dispatch will go over this with you prior to delivery, and there is no need for anyone to be home at delivery if we know where it is going and have access.

Capsule machine needs 9 foot tall and 9 ft. wide for most placements

For more FAQ visit our FAQ page HERE or feel free to call or CONTACT US with questions.

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