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When it comes to moving, there are several tools that can make the process smoother and more efficient.

Here are some of the best tools for moving and packing:

  1. Obviously, a Capsule portable storage container. Load at your pace, at ground level, and let Capsule do the driving. Reduce time, effort, and money.
  2. Moving Boxes: Sturdy, uniform-sized moving boxes are essential for packing and organizing your belongings. Look for high-quality boxes that can withstand the weight of your items.
  3. Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper: These materials provide cushioning and protection for fragile items during transportation. Wrap delicate objects individually to prevent damage.
  4. Moving Blankets: Thick, durable moving blankets are ideal for protecting furniture and other large items from scratches, dents, and other damage.
  5. Furniture Dolly: A furniture dolly or hand truck is a wheeled platform designed to help you transport heavy or bulky items with ease. It reduces the strain on your body and makes moving heavy furniture more manageable.
  6. Moving Straps: Also known as lifting straps or shoulder straps, these tools help distribute the weight of large items evenly, making it easier to carry them and reducing the risk of injuries.
  7. Tape Gun and Packing Tape: A tape gun speeds up the process of sealing boxes, making it more efficient. Choose a high-quality packing tape that securely seals your boxes.
  8. Moving Labels and Markers: Labeling your boxes and furniture helps you stay organized and ensures that items end up in the right rooms of your new home. Use markers and color-coded labels to indicate the contents and destination of each box.
  9. Utility Knife or Box Cutter: A sharp utility knife or box cutter is handy for opening boxes, cutting packing tape, and breaking down boxes for recycling.
  10. Furniture Sliders: These small disks or pads with smooth surfaces allow you to slide heavy furniture across floors without scratching or damaging the surfaces. They are particularly useful for moving furniture on hardwood or tile floors.
  11. Stretch Wrap: Stretch wrap, also known as plastic wrap or cling film, can be used to bundle loose items together or protect furniture from dust and moisture during the move.

Remember to prioritize safety when using these tools, especially when lifting heavy objects. Capsule does not offer any moving supplies outside of the 8×16 container itself. Many of these supplies can be bought as packages on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or Home Depot. Capsule Portable storage containers is local, independent, and family-owned operating in DFW.

Tools for moving, packing and loading portable storage
Tools for moving, packing and loading portable storage